2001 Campion Chase 580

LOA18' 9"
Beam92 in.'
Weight2,390 lb
Fuel Cap115 L
Price At Test$36,500.00

2001 Campion Chase 580

Test boat engine: Yamaha V Max 175 HPDI (High Pressure Direct Injection), 175-hp, V-6 2596 cc (158.4 cid) Acceleration mph    sec.    mph    sec. 0-20    3.66    0-40    7.76 0-30    5.85    0-50    13.18 Top speed (radar) rpm    mph 5,400   54.4 Cruising speed (radar) rpm    mph    rpm    mph 3,200    30         3,900    40 3,800    35         5,000    50 Sound levels at cruise (3,800 rpm) helm    aft cockpit    83 dbA    85 dbA Sound levels at top speed: helm    aft cockpit    88 dbA    91 dbA Speed testing by Stalker radar

    Happen to be a racing fan? Are you in the market for a new bowrider? Then look no further. Campionís hot Chase 580 is one-stop shopping.
    Campionís Chase series continues to target performance boaters with an eye for design, speed and manoeuvrability. Unlike many of its higher-profile competitors who associate big wallets with mph, Chase models are generally more affordable.
    The 580 is offered with several colour combinations, but the F1 graphics package certainly makes a statement. Interestingly, Campion offers Nascar colours like Taladaga Green and Daytona Blue. Either way, you get the
point: these boats are meant to look racy.
    At 18'9" with a 92" beam, the Chase 580 is a cottage-friendly bowrider, powered effectively by Yamahaís Vmax Series 175 HPDI outboard motor. For those who prefer a closed deck or I/O power, other 580 models are available.
    Campion uses hand-laid biaxial construction, foam floatation, and their FIST fibreglass stringer system for lightweight strength. All Chase models incorporate Campionís APEX lift system hull to offer more speed with less horsepower.
    Incorporating a double concave pad with a slight downward curve, water is channeled aft to hold lifting pressure. Lifting strakes also help the cause and drag is reduced thanks to a notch in the transom.
    Throttling down, Yamahaís Peak Response Induction and Ram Air Flow goes to work instantly within the confines of its beautiful (again racy) spoiler-design engine cowl. Shooting out of the hole in 3.11 seconds, the 580 planes flat and holds at 18 mph/2,300 ó rpm so flat that when trimmed completely in, the hull feels heavy moving across the water.
    Running at high speed, the hullís angle of attack seems low. Its attitude is
definitely flat but the hull feels free. The flatter a boat can run with drag reduced, the better it handles. When cornering, the 580 lands quickly when trimmed down two degrees, then carves a flat, clean turn at 4,900 rpm, tracking where steered. Waves didnít slow us down, and the boat manoeuvred crisply throughout the test.
    Sitting in the cockpit, one clearly associates the 580 with performance. Low-mounted twin bucket seats have headrests affixed to stainless steel bars, appearing like a roll bar in a F1 car! The checkered flag theme is carried out throughout the boatís upholstery, from bow to stern. Traction footrests, carbon-fibre lookalike instrument panel/glove box lid, and a competition wheel with Sea Star hydraulic steering all tie together nicely.
    All seat pads and side panels are thickly padded, and the bow fills in with cushions for sunbathing. The 580ís U-shaped aft bench maximizes passenger room while offering good under-seat storage space. With cargo nets on the buckets, a large in-floor ski locker, bow storage, hideaway top storage and a in-dash cooler, the Chase has room for everything.
    Inside and out, the Chase 580 looks aggressive. By wearing its proverbial racing heart on its sleeve, this performance bowrider is podium-bound.

About Campion

High-tech, high-performance, luxury sport utility, express cruisers, runabouts. Stern drives, outboards, sport cabin, bowrider, closed deck. Campion Boats boast more than 37 models and 48 variations. No other North American boat manufacturer offers this kind of choice.

You have choice because we have choice. Campion Boats is an independent builder, Canada's largest. We listen to our customers and we have the freedom to design and deliver the kinds of boats you want. Our focus is on bringing boaters like you the best value for your boating dollar.

Of course, value means more than choice. It also means quality. To boaters around the world, the name Campion Boats is synonymous with quality. You'll appreciate it in the details - every inch of every boat is beautifully finished, even in places you'll never look. You'll feel it in the ride - our award-winning Campion Boat hulls outperform the competition in handling, speed and fuel economy. You'll see it in other boaters' eyes - the way they can't resist a second look, a touch, a test drive perhaps?

People respond emotionally to Campion boats because they're built with heart. We're driven to create the best boats is the industry. We're constantly pushing the limits, exploring new technologies and investing in research to help us produce Campion boats that are even more exciting and satisfying to drive. Our innovative designs have received worldwide recognition and rave reviews which, in the long run, also means better value for you.

We want to make it easy for you to own a Campion Boat. We have dealers in 30 countries. Our selection is unparalleled. And our reputation is sterling. But don't take our word for it. Talk to someone who owns a Campion Boat. Visit your Campion Boats dealer, or browse through our catalogue and get to know us. We're the Canadian builder that's one of a kind. For boaters of every kind.

APEX - The Pinnacle of Performance EXCLUSIVE Campion Boats APEX hull has redefined bottom design and is the standard by which all other hulls are measured. The product of relentless testing, our award-winning design technology actually expands the high pressure zones on a vee-bottom boat for faster planing and a more stable platform at high speeds.

VISTECH - The Ultimate Finish EXCLUSIVE VISTECH gives a smooth gel coat finish to both sides of floor hatches, glove box lids and swim ladder covers. These innovative fiberglass components are 40% lighter and 60% stronger than those made by traditional methods. The advantages? A lighter boat, cleaner styling and maintenance-free durability. The two-part mold allows us to pre-fit all the materials dry, resulting in a more consistent and cleaner lay-up. Any remaining air is removed from the mold through vacuum technology, and a preset amount of color-matched resin is infused into the mold. This is a closed system, so no toxins are released into the air - zero emissions and zero air voids!

Wired to the Future EXCLUSIVE Campion Boats has formed a partnership with Pacific Insight to bring our customers the latest technology in wiring systems. This Canadian company has been named GM Supplier of Excellence for the last five years. Together, we are designing wire harnesses in three separate, self-contained systems: the dash, the main electrical system and the stern. All options are pre-wired for quick upgrades and easy installation.


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